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Welcome to the Sola Scriptura Zoom Church, a place dedicated to exploring the parameters of a true Sola Scriptura theology. If you have watched the introductory video above, you are already aware that the historical quest to do theology with the Bible alone has mostly met with failure. However, logically speaking, a true Sola Scriptura theology is still possible. In the document the Sola Scriptura Manifesto I explain how this would work. For those who prefer not to read a 60+ page document, you can watch the video version below or look for ‘Sola Scriptura Zoom Church’ on your favorite podcast app. This site will contain Bible studies, discussions, debates and lectures on many different topics, but it will all be based on the foundations established in the Sola Scriptura Manifesto, so it is recommended that everyone who wishes to participate will read/listen/watch this material first. Also, please visit us on Facebook as well.

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Pr. Mike

Pastor Mike has spent much of his life trying to make sense of the confusing landscape that is Christian theology: to understand why so many conflicting and even mutually exclusive ideas can exist under the same auspices. He has come to believe that it is due to unavoidable margins of error that exist at the intersection of theology, philosophy and science, limitations that should encourage us to greater humility when it comes to the confidence we have in what we as human beings know and can know.